Don’t run away John (2010)

At the origin of movement, a provocation, a light yet persistent pressure. The present moment when faced by the audience becomes a concrete reality. There are no other options, nothing else exists. Is it the music that takes me elsewhere? A voice whispers: is it real or in my head? Where does the time go? Is it real or in my head? Is it real or in my head? Created in 2009, during  the last year of Alexander’s studies at ESAC (Ecole Supérieure des arts du cirque), the circus act takes place in a bare environment and is a response and critique of the education he received. The voice that controls his actions is presented metaphorically by the music, while his gestures seek a different reality. Everything unnecessary is stripped away, revealing Alexander and his search for a personal technique.

Artist: Alexander Vantournhout

Costume: Frédéric Denis

Mentor: Silvia Ubieta

Music composed by: Niko hafkenscheid

Thanks to: Sven Demey

Duration: 6 min

Photos: Bart Grietens