Ballade and Aurore (2008)

In the cradle of ESAC, Alexander asked violonist Bjork Oskarsdottir to participate in the creation of his personal project. Ballade and Aurore are two sonatas from violin composer E. Ysaye (sonata n°3 e n°5), written in the beginning of the 20th century. Starting from the music, a cross over is made from Cyr wheel, floor acrobatics and Contemporary dance.

‘Ballade and Aurore’ presents the journey of a couple, acted through the instruments to let them flow in an intense experience. Together they transcend their virtuosity in order to let their universes fuse and to take the spectator to the essence of movement and music. The continuous flow leads spontaneously to a space where the artists meet.

Artists: Alexander Vantournhout, Bjork Oskarsdottir
Mentor: Angélique Wilkie
Thanks to: Bjork Oskarsdottir, Sven Demey
Duration: 12-14 min
Photos: Bart Grietens

(Tuur Devens,, juin 2011)

Virtuose ; de plus  l’ensemble devient en même temps – grâce à la musique, l’élégance, le naturel et la modestie – un combat existentiel dont la fragilité physique, tout comme la roue, reste longtemps vibrer dans nos esprits.