Bauke Lievens (1985, Gent, Belgium)

Bauke Lievens works as a dramaturge for circus, theatre and dance (Cie Un loup pour l’homme, Kaori Ito/les ballets C de la B, Tibaldus en andere hoeren). She studied Performance Studies at the University of Ghent and Philosophy of Contemporary Arts at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

She is currently working on a two to four year research project on the methods for artistic research used in the creation of contemporary circus. She has published various articles on the topic of contemporary circus in CircusMagazine, Rekto:Verso and Courant. Bauke teaches  Dramaturgy and Written Research at the Drama Department of KASK, School of Arts (Ghent, Belgium)

Jason Respilieux (1991, Brussels, Belgium)

Jason was educated in contemporary dance after many years of gymnastics, hip-hop and modern-jazz. He spent a year at Codarts (the dance school of Rotterdam). In 2010, Jason entered P.A.R.T.S., where he met Alexander.

Niko Hafkenscheid (1977, Gent, Belgium)

This multidisciplinary artist composed the sonorous universe of pieces for companies like Kabinet K and Kopergietery, as well as for Meg Stuart. He collaborated in Maybe Forever and Unfold, both selected for ‘theaterfestival’.
Recently Niko has been working with light designer Jan Maertens on an instillation, which enquires the influence of sound and light into performance.

Harald Austbø (1982, The Netherlands/Norway)

Harald Austbø is a cellist / actor / composer. After graduating at acting school in Belgium Harald graduated at the Conservatory of Amsterdam in the direction cello-jazz (first cello-jazz graduate in history of the school) in 2011. During the years of organising free improvisation concerts, a band was formed: The Ambush Party. With this band he toured internationally in Dublin, Moers festival, Germany, North Sea Jazz festival, Rotterdam and Buenes Aires Jazz Festival. He plays: cello, 5-string cello (low F), electric cello, human beat box and other sounds with his voice. He worked for different music theatre productions of Orkater and SKaGeN and is known from the production Heimat, about five young people searching for their roots.